Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get a $4 off coupon for Vicks new Nature Fusion cold and flu medicine.

 Get a $4 off coupon to try Vicks new Nature Fusion Cold and Flu medicine.  Perfect to have on hand for the upcoming winter months.  Sounds yummy with honey as the natural sweetener.  Click below to request a coupon.   Hurry...the coupons are limited.

They also have the ability to request a free sample tube of Crest® Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Deep Clean Toothpaste while there.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

$25 Boston Market Gift Card for only $15!

I hope you have a Boston Market near you.   There's a great deal going on now at Save More to get a $25 gift card for only $15.   If you don't know, Save More is another daily deal site similar to Groupon or Living Social.   Just click on this link and it'll take you to a sign up page where you can join and then purchase the gift card.   It's only good through the end of day on Friday, so sign up now! 


  • More than 490 locations from coast to coast
  • Fresh, home-style meals
  • Healthy options available
  • Meals for one or the whole family
  • Quality ingredients
  • Rotisserie chicken, turkey, meatloaf & brisket
  • Gourmet sides like garlic dill potatoes, squash casserole & vegetable stuffing


Boston Market codes will be available for purchasers to claim for ninety days following the offer period. If code is not claimed within 90 days following offer period, code will be converted to credit. referral or sign up credit are not a valid means of purchase for this promotion. Boston Market Gift Card does not expire. Voucher will be available for redemption on 10/29/11. Please allow 10-15 business days for shipping of physical gift card after claimed. Limit one voucher per household.

Monday, October 17, 2011

100 Swagbucks for Joining Today!

Sorry....should have posted this sooner as it ends at the end of day Monday. Anyone joining who joins through this link or by clicking on the banner below and enters the code 5For5 will get an additional 70 swagbucks in addition to the usual 30 you get at signup. So you'll START with 100 swagbucks.

I'm sure you're heard of swagbucks and know that it's a search engine that lets you earn points simply for searching that you can then convert into gift cards or other prizes! I've already earned about $225 in Amazon gift cards this year I'm planning to use for Christmas. Very easy. You can earn points other ways also such as playing quick online games, doing surveys, watching short videos, etc.

If you have any questions you can post here or email me. But for now, you should hurry and sign up before this special code expires!! (just so you know....only certain swagbuck members can give out that code so be sure to only join through the link of someone who was given the code via email....not that they stole elsewhere off the internet).

Search & Win

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oreo 48 6-packs of Cookies for only $13.53!! Only $.28 per pack.

Amazon has a 48 pack of Oreo cookie packs that each contain 6 cookies for only $13.53 with subscribe and ship.   (Four packages that each contain 12 packages with 6 cookies in each)   That's only $.28 per pack!   If you've never done subscribe and ship it's a recurring grocery order that ships your items for free and offers a lower price (additional 15% off) than the usual Amazon price.   If you like the product, you can keep getting it.   If you only want the single shipment, you can cancel once they ship, after your item arrives, or when they send you a notice they'll be sending your next shipment soon.   You WON'T get an unwanted shipment.   They always email you before so you can cancel if you want.

These could be great for lunch if you're a mom who sends unhealthy treats! (And who doesn't occasionally?!?)  They'd also be great for trick or treat candy, for a bribe if your kids are being brats, or your husband for that matter!   Or even for some major PMS attacks.   The individual packages have 6 cookies so you aren't tempted to gobble a whole package.

Just click the link above for some Oreo madness!  Enjoy!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Great Way to Earn Swagbucks!

If you're a regular reader of my blog you've heard me talk about swagbucks many times.   I LOVE it!   I've already gotten over $200 in amazon gift cards saved up this year alone to buy Christmas gifts!   If you don't know much about it, you can read one of my previous posts about swagbucks here (sorry...the offer for extra swagbucks has expired), or if you're ready to join, just click on the banner below.  

Search & Win
Each of the next three months they'll be highlighting a different way to earn swagbucks besides the traditional search tool.  This month they're highlighting Special Offers.   Through that function you can earn swagbucks for simply watching short videos, signing up for newsletters on subjects that interest you, searching for comparative prices for things such as car insurance, signing up for Netflix, or many other ways.   You can just search through all the offers that are available and check out only the ones that interest you.   You can quickly rack up some serious swagbucks that way!   Here is the info that swagbucks asked me to share with you:

"For those who enjoy using Swagbucks reward points to get free stuff, there are lots of ways to earn - have you tried Special Offers?

Special Offers gives you a way to rack up Swag Bucks quickly by taking actions ranging fro surveys to free trials to making purchases to liking a Facebook page or simply watching videos. Take the action, get the bucks. It's that simple.

There are plenty of free offers as well as those that reward you for buying something - you have complete control over your Special Offers experience. The Special Offers page has hundreds of offers from recognized brands through a number of different providers, and the Swagbucks Team works hard to ensure that only the most honest and rewarding offers make it to the page.

You can visit the Swagbucks Special Offers page or look for offers on the rotating images in the Swagbucks homepage. From time to time, Team Swagbucks will send you an message to your Swagbucks inbox containing a limited time offer, so check there frequently! If you ever have reason to believe that an offer is not what it promises, please send an email to so their team can take the appropriate actions.

Try it out today!"

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free Sample of Cinnabon Cream of Wheat Cereal.

Free sample of Cinnabon Cream of Wheat instant hot cereal.   Sound yummy to me!  The sample request is in the upper right corner.  Hurry and sign up before they run out! 

Three Free Samples at Walmart! Toothpaste, Tampons, and Sanitary Pads!

I love Walmart samples.   They ALWAYS come, unlike some other free samples, and they come quickly.   Today they have three free samples.   Check them out now as they usually run out in a few days!  They're all still available at the time of this blog posting.

 Playtex Gentle Glide Tampax...choice of two kinds.