Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vera Bradley Summer Sale up to 70% off!

I have found that often Vera Bradley is a love it or leave it brand.    I'm definitely in the "LOVE IT" category as well as my teen daughter and her friends.   We own everything from a large group of purses, to the luggage, lunch bag, wallets, sleep shorts, a laptop bag, make up bags, tote bags, etc.   Most of the pieces are colorful prints that can add a bit of "pop" to an outfit, although they do also carry solid purses and accessories.  They currently have some of their newer summer items on sale, and well as their ongoing sale/clearance category.  Click below to peruse the items they have on sale now.    In addition to the purses, they currently have a lot of their accessories on sale.   Even if you are not a fan of a print purse, the accessories are a lot of fun.    

New additions to Vera Bradley's Summer Sale! Special Collections now 25% off.

I found both of these items in the sale section on the left side under "last chance".  Last chance items are up to 70% off!!!!

 How cute is this little terry  makeup bag that is on sale for only $8 marked down from $28. A great gift with some toiletries inside for a teen/tween or even an adult!

Or I'm really wanting a set of these darling place mats that have certain patterns on sale now as low as $6.  These could be colorful on my back porch when we eat, or even my formal dining room table.

I'm also checking out these flip flop straw sandals in the bali gold color on sale

or these flips flops in cupcake green.   Wouldn't they be so cute this summer?!?

So which are you?   Love it or leave it?


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