Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's the Day I Dread Each Year.......Mohawk Day!

Yes, sadly today is Mohawk day.   This is the fourth year that my son has gotten a Mohawk haircut as his high school football team heads into post season play.   Being a woman who thinks they look utterly ridiculous, I'm not sure why that is how his team chooses to show their solidarity or their team spirit, but they do it every year, so I have long ago stopped whining and whimpering in a corner as my beautiful boy comes home with a look that frankly dismays me.  

The even worst part is that this team has played in the state championship game every year he's been there and looks like they might be heading there again this year.   While that should be good news, it's worth noting that the state championship game is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving.    So not only do we have to work our Thanksgiving dinner around a high school football practice (yes, they practice on Thanksgiving Day) but we also have to see extended family with him sporting the "do".

He has a new girlfriend who attends another school who must not share this team tradition, because when he told her he was getting a Mohawk for the tournament, she let out a long "nooooooooo".    I see she shares my confusion and dismay at this tradition. 

Just now though as I was telling my husband that I was writing this post, he reminded me that this is the last year we'll be doing this since he's graduating high school.    All of a sudden I think I may miss Mohawk Day next fall when he's away at college.  So instead of bemoaning a hair cut and trying to hide him away from family, I think I've just decided to embrace the tradition this year.   So with tears in my eyes, I'll announce for all to hear.....I'm the proud mother of a mohawk wearing son.  Go Hounds!


  1. Awww Adam is getting so old!! Go Hounds! Congrats to him on the new girl friend!

  2. Awww I bet it looks good! You should share a pic!

  3. I dislike mohawks too, but my husband and brother's softball team get mohawks (well, the ones that have hair get them.) My son has been enjoying this tradition as well for three years. Of course, he only wears it for a week, from Sunday after church to Saturday before church. I wonder if it is something he will do every year.