Thursday, August 11, 2011

Great Time to Join Swagbucks for an Extra 50 Swagbucks!!

Search & Win

I hope you've heard of Swagbucks  by now.    I joined over a year ago and absolutely LOVE it.    If you don't know, it's a search engine that is powered by Google and and will reward you with "swagbucks" for doing your routine searching.    You then redeem your "swagbucks" for gift cards or prizes.    I've been getting five Amazon $5 gift cards per month since April 2010.  So that earns me $300 per year in Amazon gift cards I can use to buy gifts, video games, books, etc.    I did quite a bit of my Christmas shopping using my Amazon credit that I'd earned through Swagbucks.   I also have bought other giftcards (such as itunes), actual products, and had money deposited into my paypal account.  

There's a wide variety of way to earn points, from the simple searching, to watching videos (they've recently added some fun food ones) to playing  games.   You can also use their shopping links to earn a percentage back.    I fairly easily earn quite a few swagbucks by doing a variety of the activities as my time allows.

Well if you've not joined yet, I have a special deal for you.    Certain individuals have been given a special swag code we can give away to new people who join through our links.    And I'm one of the lucky people with the code and you're one of the lucky people who can use it!!

Join now through the banner at the top to get the 30 swagbucks everyone gets when they join, but remember to ALSO enter the code  AUGUSTBONUS in the code box for the EXTRA 50 swagbucks I can give you!  That's a total of 80 swagbucks right off the bat.   If you have any problems getting your extra bonus bucks, just contact them through their customer service email, or even email me and I can always get it worked out for you.   The extra 50 swagbucks are only good through the end of the day (Swagbucks time) Friday Aug. 12th.  

So join now and start earning those swagbucks!   I love it and I'm sure you will too!

Search & Win


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