Friday, April 29, 2011

"A Woman Who Helped Me"

When asked to write about a woman who had helped me,  it was easy to pick my husband's Aunt Dixie, as she has been a godsend to me and my family lately.    Both my parents and my husband's parents are deceased and siblings also live quite a distance away.    I often feel sad that my children don't have the usual audience full of grandparents or aunts and uncles in attendance at their events as so many of the other children do.   So in steps Aunt Dixie and Uncle Charlie.  

They recently attended an orchestra concert at my daughter's college.   It was quite a drive for them, yet they cheerfully arrived bearing an amazing trunk full of treats for my daughter.    Imagine her surprise and delight as she dug through bag after bag of dried fruit, juice, snack crackers, breakfast bars, pasta salad, fruit salad, freezer jam, and so much more!  It made my daughter so happy to see other family there supporting her. 

Aunt Dixie had also helped with my daughter's graduation open house a few years back and has already offered to help with my graduating son's that is coming up.   He was so excited to know that she was bringing all the wonderful foods she had brought to his sister's open house for him too!  I'm known for being disorganized and quite a procrastinator so it's a huge help to me to know that someone will be here to help me and keep a watchful eye over everything as I "try" to enjoy the day with my son.  

So my pick for a woman who has helped me is Aunt Dixie who supports our family in so many way.   We love and appreciate her and Uncle Charlie too!


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  1. My name is Stephanie and I work for Everywhere. I love this story about your Aunt. I have an Aunt and Uncle that also have been one of my greatest fans. So very special. Thank you for sharing.