Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!!

Today is my 27th wedding anniversary.   That's a long time.  I remember such funny details about my wedding day.   Like my older brother who was a groomsman arrived with a cast on his arm and couldn't fit his tux jacket over it.  They managed to figure it out without letting me know so I wouldn't freak out.  Or my nephew who was the ring bearer and didn't want to walk down the aisle.   But he did when bribed by grandma with some money.  I remember my sister-in-law who isn't always the fuzzy sort pampering me and doing my nails and fussing over me.  I think my family could tell I was a nervous wreck with the thought of hundreds of people staring at me.  I remember how much I loved my wedding gown and veil and my flowers. 

My father who is now deceased walked me down the aisle crying so hard.   I remember it calmed my nerves because I had to concentrate so hard on calming him down that I couldn't be nervous for myself.   My adult niece was just commenting this past Christmas how the thing she remembers the most about our wedding was my dad crying.   She said it made her and her best friend with her cry too.  My husband said he saw my dad crying so hard and felt bad like my dad must be upset he was marrying me.   Of course now that he has a young adult daughter he can understand it better.   We're already anticipating him blubbering as he walks our daughter down the aisle.  

The minister who married us had been my minister growing up and had married both of my brothers too.   I was so happy he agreed to come from hours away to marry me also.  He had been such a part of our family for years, and he cried too during the ceremony which really touched me.

The only thing I've always regretted is that I didn't enjoy it more at the time.   I was so intent on making sure my "guests" were properly attended to, that I still couldn't relax.   The cutting of the cake, eating a bite, throwing the garter, first dance, etc.,  all took quite a bit of time.   Then I thought to be a good hostess we should go from table to table chatting with our guests and thanking them for coming.   So while everyone else was having a good time dancing to the band, I was being Ms. Manners.   If I had it to do over again, I would just have a good time and not worry so much about doing everything "just right".

Overall the day was quite perfect and magical to me though.  I was surrounded by our friends and family and vowing to love for better or worse.  Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! It doesn't seem like that long ago we were talking about the fact that on that certain anniversary, Noah was the age I was when you got married. This is a great post. It really touched my heart!

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