Monday, June 7, 2010

Swagbucks deals going on now!

For those of you who have already joined swagbucks be on the lookout this week for some extra special deals. I am a member of the Swagbucks Blogger Network and got some information from "Hal" the swagbucks guy to post on my blog.

"Here are the two BIG things going on this coming week that we want you to help promote:

1. Monday we'll be having a Swag Code Extravaganza - we'll be releasing at least 5 Swag Codes throughout the day - this would be a great way for any newcomers you refer to start out with a bang!"

(so be sure to check your toolbar for news about codes and also check the blog, twitter or facebook)

"2. Each day next week we'll be highlighting a different high value Swag Buck bill, starting on Monday with the 25. Every 7th searching win on Swagbucks will be awarded that big bill, meaning that more people will have big wins next week!"

And a SPECIAL deal for those who have been thinking about signing up but haven't done so yet.

"To give your readers more incentive to sign up, they can use the code SUMMEROFSWAG when they sign up for an extra 20 Swag Bucks to pad their account. The code is good until midnight on Friday, June 11th."

So instead of the usual 30 swagbucks you get for signing up, you'll get 50!!

If you have questions about swagbucks here's my original post with some information about it. Read about it HERE

And here's the link to sign up!Just click on the banner below. Search & Win

Hope there's lots of big winner!


  1. I haven't signed up for Swag Bucks yet... I feel like I'm one of the only people who haven't! You just may give me the impetus to start...


  2. i LOVE swagbucks! in abt 2 yrs i've earned 23 amazon GCs. love it!

  3. Sounds like it would have been better to sign up by June 11th than now. Maybe there will be another offer like that this summer.

  4. Thanks for keeping us updated on this. It's nice to have a heads up on really good deals, I could always use one!


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