Saturday, November 6, 2010

AMAZING Borders Deals

My whole family loves Borders.  We could go there everyday and browse if we had the time.   Currently there are some great deals and coupons out for there.   Get an almost free cookbook.  Read below for the details on how to get this.   Think Christmas shopping!   Or get 40% off a kids toy or gift.  And get a free coffee or tea while there shopping for your deals!    Check out all the coupons below and enjoy!!

First off....Buy a cookbook and get back a $10 coupon for another purchase in the future.    You can also use a coupon to BUY the cookbook which makes many of them barely over $10 or some even under.   So you can essentially get a free or almost free cookbook!   Good through Nov. 8th.

Then coupons for an addition percentage off the cookbook you buy.   There is one for 40% and another for 33%.   Obviously the 40% would be better, but I think you may not be able to use that one...not sure and some people are saying only the 33% off will work with the cookbook deal.   So I'd take both and  have the 33% off one with me in case.    Both of the additional percentage off coupons are for Borders Rewards members, but you can quickly sign up online or even at the register when you get ready to check out. 

Also you can get 40% off a kids toy or game with this coupon.

Then last, get your free small coffee or tea from the Borders Cafe  to drink while you're there. coupon here

So follow the instructions, print out your coupons, and have a fun day shopping and sipping at Borders!


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