Saturday, November 6, 2010

Operation Gratitude. Free Cards for Teachers and Students to send to the Military

Send a Note, Share a Smile

Thank you for your interest in Pear Tree Greetings' support of Operation Gratitude! Our goal: Send 75,000 cards to our men and women in the military.

Here's the gist:

* We'll send a package to the first 2,500 teachers who sign up
* Up to 30 cards per classroom
* Free to you and your students

At Pear Tree, we believe in the power of connection, especially by sharing a handwritten note. Through this partnership with Operation Gratitude, we encourage teachers all across America to share with their students the value of saying thank you. Together, let's lift the morale of the men and women in our military. After all, who doesn't like a smile?

Attention Teachers
This is a great opportunity to teach the kids in your classroom a lesson in listening, writing and creativity; these cards are meant to be colored! Most of all, it's an opportunity to teach a lesson in gratitude to others so far away. Get out the them how far away our service men and women really are. Don't be shy-you can send a note too!

How Does it Work?

  1. Fill out the form through the link below.
  2. Pear Tree will send a packet of 30 cards, at no cost, to the first 2500 teachers who sign up.
  3. Use the cards in your classroom, insert them in the enclosed envelope, and send the cards to Operation Gratitude (postage not included).
  4. Operation Gratitude will send the cards in a package to our men and women in the military.
Here's a link to the signup. 

Here's a link to the FAQ

Here's a link to Operation Gratitude who will mail the cards to our service members oversea.  

Spread the word and let's show our gratitude to our service members this holiday season.   
 Help put a smile on the men and women serving overseas who cannot be with their families this holiday season. 

Thanks to Pear Tree Greetings for providing the cards for this! 


  1. great idea - wish non-teachers could get involved

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