Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bonus Swagbucks (Total of 80) and a Chance to Help Japan!

Search & Win

I know I've written several times before about swagbucks and my love for it!    By doing a few simple activities per day, such as using it to search,  I earn $25 per month in Amazon gift cards plus other items!   I'm saving all mine this year so I'll have $300 at Christmas to spend at Amazon.    It will certainly help with the bills then. 

If you're not familiar with swagbucks and would like to learn more about it I have written before in more detail about it.  To read more about swagbucks and how it works, you can read my previous swagbucks posts HERE and HERE.   But remember to use the code HelpJapan as it is the current extra swagbucks code.   You can click on the swagbucks banner at the top to join!

Currently swagbucks is encouraging their members to donate a few of their swagbucks to help the victims of Japan.    They've also released a special code that gives new members an extra 50 swagbucks when they join.   So if you join through the banner at the top of the page and enter the code  HelpJapan during registration you can earn 50 additional Swag Bucks. This code is active now and expires at 11am PDT on Friday, April 8th.  There is no obligation to donate for either new or old members, and you can still use the code when you join, even if you do not donate. You'll start with a total of 80 swagbucks!    Well on your way to your first Amazon gift card.

Ready to join?    Click on the banner at the top, place the code in the box, and you're on your way.  

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  1. I don't do as well as you do but I average about $10 of Amazon cards a month.