Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whirl-A-Style Hair Styling Product Review-----It's A Miracle!

Are you good at styling hair?    I'm HORRIBLE.    And I seriously mean that.    I'm totally hair styling challenged.

Luckily I've always had thick hair with a bit of wave and body that styles easily.    The most creative I can get is with curlers or a curling iron.  When my daughter was going to a high school dance we had our hairdresser show me how to put her hair up in a simple bun.     Yes, just a simple bun.    But on the day of the dance when I tried to recreate that "easy" hairdo my hairdresser had done, I couldn't get her thick, wavy, and very long hair to stay up, no matter HOW many bobby pins I used.    We had to zoom to the salon and rush in frantically begging her to stop everything and fix my daughter's hair.    Luckily she wasn't busy and laughed and shook her head at my total ineptitude.  What a curse!  

Unfortunately I think my poor daughter has inherited her mother's styling (dis)ability and usually wears her hair pulled up in one of those sloppy bird's nest style buns on top of her head.   As ambitious as she gets is letting it air dry and wearing it down on special occasions.  She plays the cello in her college orchestra and has to wear her hair up or back so it doesn't flop down and get in the way of her strings while she plays.

You can image how I was quite excited when asked to review this hair styling product.   When it came, it looked very unimpressive.    A simple piece of material with a slit in the middle that snapped closed.    YAWN!   So I grabbed my daughter as she was walking by to give it a first try before the REAL trial, grabbed her hair without even brushing it, slipped in the Whirl-A-Style and slid it down to near the bottom of her shorter sides.  The instructions said it was okay to let the longer hair hang out so I did and nonchalantly started rolling it up.   I snapped it shut.   Then GASPED!    It was a perfect bun.   No joke.    It was all rolled up and no hair was hanging out. 


I yelled to her, "You've got to go get a mirror and see this!"   She rushed into our guest bathroom, took a mirror to check out the back of her hair, and went oooooh and aaaaah like it was the 4th of July.   Unfortunately she went back to college the next day and I wasn't alert enough (all that ooohing and aaahing can make you dizzy from lack of oxygen) to take any pictures.     Next time she's home I'll take some and add them to this post.

Here's a video where you can see how simple the tool is to use.

So if you're hair challenged, or even if you're not, you need to check this out.    Seriously.   They come in a variety of sizes that depend on your hair's length, thickness, etc.    We used the Jumbo size for my daughter's hair, but they go all the way down to Mini size to suit very fine hair, children's hair or even men who want one of those little knot things on the back of their hair.  (You can see I know all the exact professional terminology, can't you?) The price ranges from $9-$10.   That's a small price to pay for my saved sanity!   You can buy them at their website here.

Disclosure:    I received a product to try for this product review.    The raving about the miracle is my honest opinion and not influenced at all by the sponsor.


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