Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wholesale Costume Club---Halloween Costume Review and Membership Giveaway (2)

So Halloween's right around the corner and it's not too early to be picking out and ordering Halloween costumes.    Maybe you're lucky and your child will dress in a sheet as a ghost or some of your old clothes as a hobo.   Do kids even know what a hobo is I wonder?    But most kids these days can be quite picky about what they want to be.   Ever tried tracking down that "have to have" costume in just the right size?   You know how difficult it can be.

 I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review a costume from Wholesale Costume Club  I offered it to my college daughter because she plays in the orchestra there, and every year they do a concert for the local community children.   All the orchestra members and even the conductor dress up, and the kids get to parade across the stage and in their own Halloween costumes and  receive Halloween goodie bags while the orchestra plays fun, kid friendly music.   Think the theme to "Ghostbusters" or "Monster Mash".

So she looked....and she looked.....and she looked some more.....and some more....well you get the picture.   Then then she decided she just HAD to be Tinkerbell.   I think she'll be such a cute Tinkerbell!   They have lots of other fairy costumes too.    I love the Metallic Copper fairy one below.   It's for the more "mature" fairy. 

Or metallic copper fairy?

Would your little girl like to be a lady bug?    Or how about a princess or witch or tons of other choices from the girls section?
Or would your little boy  like to be a vampire? Or Batman (been there done that) or a pirate (been there done that a LOT!!)  There are lots of choices for boys also. 
Or maybe your husband would like to go as a dashing Jack Sparrow type pirate!  Sigh.....if only Johnny Depp came with the costume!!

 So if you're looking for costumes, check out  
I can give away two free memberships to Wholesale Costume club which allows you to buy the costumes at a discount price.    If you're interested, leave a comment below by Thurs. Oct 7th.   


  1. What a great selection!! The Boys Roman Gladiator Costume is awesome. Not sure if I could talk my son into it or not.

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